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Help Victims of the Maui Fires


Resident of West Maui

"My name is Cole and I live in West Maui and own Honolua Hot Sauce Company. Yesterday, 8/8/23, we had extreme winds gusting to 90+ all day with zero rain, and severe drought. The result was our entire town, community, businesses, historic sights, harbor and boats burned to the ground. My house, my neighbors houses, my town are all burned to the ground. From what I gather right now on the following morning of 8/9/23, there are possibly hundreds of fatalities and hundreds of structure fires. Lahaina town has effectively been reduced to dust, and the fire is still raging north with strong winds. Thousands are displaced, and the island will feel this for years to come. I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to share this with friends, family, your workplace, anyone you can because we NEED help right now. $5 or $5,000, just please do what you can and share. The funding will be used to buy clothes, food, medicine, whatever is needed most by the community. I will work with local officials, non-profits, and community leaders to make sure funding is appropriately allocated where it is needed most. I will personally be offering my help to any and all on the West Side that I can be of service to over the next weeks and months. I love this island, I love my community, and I want to help and support in any way I can, but I need your help. Thank you so much and Aloha."

Cole on CNN (8.11.23)


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