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Fiscal Sponsor

Fiscal Sponsorship

The RELIEF Foundation provides fiscal sponsorship which is a legal arrangement in which a non-profit organization offers its legal and tax-exempt status to another group or individual. The sponsored group is then able to receive tax-deductible donations and grants, bookkeeping and accounting services, fund disbursement management, among others. RELIEF provides administrative support and oversight to ensure that the sponsored project is in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.  Click here to learn more about what Fiscal Sponsorship is and click here to learn more about our Fiscal Sponsor programs!

Some of our Fiscal Sponsor Projects

Campaign Fund Allocation

Camaig Fund

The RELIEF Foundation is well positioned with its history and expertise in strategically placing donated money in a time sensitive and highly impactful way.  RELIEF utilizes the power and reach of GoFundMe by organizing its own campaigns in response to disasters worldwide.  And RELIEF can serve as the "beneficiary" for GoFundMe fundraisers set up by others to enable tax-deductible donations and to ensure an effective plan on placing donations into the right hands.  

Make a tax deductible donation and learn more about RELIEF's GoFundMe campaign which has raised over $115,000 in funds for victims of the Maui wildfires!


Volunteer Missions


The RELIEF Foundation was founded in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Since then, RELIEF has been able to mobilize volunteers, funding, and sponsors to make a difference in the lives of those affected by natural disasters. The victims and communities that RELIEF has and will continue to help are the beating heart of its mission.  Click here to learn about some of our past trips and lives we touched.



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